Canine Design

The last few days haven’t been terribly active, aside from a birthday dinner at Benihana last night. But there’s been something on my mind for a little while. I have a friend who has a Shih Tzu dog down here, and he’s fun to hang around with. It reminds me of when I had a dog. I know that I can’t have a big dog like a Newfoundland down here in Texas; not only do I live in an apartment that would be too small for a dog like that, but all that fur would make a dog like that terribly uncomfortable in the heat. But I really miss having a dog around; that constant companionship and affection is something that I always found really comforting.

So I’ve been thinking about getting a dog down here. I know it would have to be something relatively small, and probably pretty short-haired; one of the breeds that has come up most often has been a pug, because they’re relatively sedate, friendly, and just fun to be around. The thing that seems really big, though, is whether to try to get a dog from a breeder or getting a rescue dog. A rescue dog is appealing to me because I know there are so many dogs that need homes, but at the same time I don’t know what kind of dog I’d be getting; I want to get a dog I can train and that won’t have any crazed responses to random events. So a new puppy would be the best for those things. At the same time, a new puppy is also going to take a lot more time initially, to potty train and keep from barking at everything and just generally get used to living here – as well as being far more expensive.

But having a dog around is something I really miss; my last Newfoundland, Merlin, was my closest friend for a number of years, and even though I was almost inconsolable when he died, I think I’ve gotten over his loss, and I’d like to feel that kind of companionship again. While I don’t mind cats, they’ve just never struck me as the kind of affectionate and loyal companions as dogs. Having a dog to scratch, and sit beside me, has always been a comforting presence. And I know that dogs are one of the animals that have become useful for mental health therapy, like the dogs from Heeling Allies. I don’t know that I really need a dog for therapeutic purposes, but a dog like that would certainly be helpful, especially since I have friends who have issues and such a dog might also be helpful for them.

Sadly, though, I work at a minimum-wage job, and right now don’t have much in the way of funding for something like a dog, so I don’t know if the dog idea is something that will be happening anytime soon. But it is something that has been on my mind recently, and having a dog has been important to me in the past. So, that’s what’s going on in my head right now.


One comment on “Canine Design

  1. banuski says:

    I got a cat recently and have found him to be a terrific addition to my life (and to my overall mental well being). I think if you can get a dog that’d be great. Best of luck!

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