Well, my day got better, as I was able to spend part of it with friends, and hopefully tomorrow (or rather, today) will continue that trend. But I was looking for some things that help me to express my emotion – I find that a lot of the time I keep things pretty bottled up, and I don’t express myself well. There are some things that can help trigger that; I thought the most easily appealing to an online audience would be things that you can see and hear.

Longtime readers might recall the impact the Mass Effect video game series had on me emotionally (if not, you can read it here.) This particular song always hits me with all of it, square in the feels, and as a bonus, you can (and I certainly have) reinterpret it as learning to deal with depression.

The next one I always just thought was powerful – everyone around is running from something, and then we see the one guy who decides to go towards it – and we find out it’s a dragon.

Star Wars has always been a favorite of mine, and even if I could argue about the virtues of Jedi vs. Sith all day, the trailers for the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, released late in 2011, always seem to make me feel very strongly.

And as much as I love gaming, that’s not all that can tug on my heartstrings. I won’t lie, I was kind of a mess seeing the most recent Les Miserables movie in theatres.

And finally, one of the most powerful speeches I have heard on TV, or in a lot of places, really. From a 90s sci-fi show called Babylon 5, when the human race is looking at extinction – and spitting right in its face.


These aren’t cheerful, by any means – many of them are heartbreakingly sad. But they are prized by me because, for whatever reason, they can force an emotional reaction out of me, even when I don’t really want to have one. Holding things in for too long can cause some weird stuff to happen, and so every now and then I have to break these, or others like them, out, and use them as a sort of pressure release valve.

One comment on “Inspiration

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Well said !

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