I’m thinking of putting my blog on hiatus. As much as it can be helpful to put my thoughts out in written form, I wonder if the fact that I often mention other people in my life is helpful. While I have often asked other people in my life if it’s OK if I mention them here, I don’t know that it really works out all that well. While what I write here is really just trying to work out my thoughts in written form, sometimes what comes out is not the best representation of what is on my mind, and can cause a lot of trouble in my life. Also, I find myself having to consider what a number of other people might think about what I write, and so I end up second-guessing quite a bit of what I actually end up writing – and censoring my own thoughts on a blog meant to help me process my experiences in life and mental health doesn’t help me at all. So until I can figure out what I can do that won’t require this kind of revision, I think I’ll just try to keep things to myself for a while.


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