Take Cover!

So, as promised, my blog. This week (well, the first week ended yesterday), I started the Nutrisystem diet. It was not fun, and I can’t say I’d recommend it; it was such an unpleasant experience, and left me with so little energy, that I can’t really say anything good about it; it just didn’t work for me, so I guess I’ll have to find something a bit more tailored. Aside from that, though, the week went well, exemplified by my day on Wednesday, which was a really busy day for me.

First, I woke up earlier than planned, and knowing I would be having company over later (I host my Dungeon World game at my apartment,), I took the time to clean the place up. By clean up, I don’t just mean pick up trash and clothes left on the floor; no, I busted out the cleaning supplies and went to town, cleaning counters, tables, the whole bathroom, and even got rid of the pesky ring in my tub. While I was at it, I tossed some laundry in, and then showered and went to go check my mail. In the mail was my GRE score report, and so with that in hand I came back and plugged in the info to my MSW application for University of Houston, and as that was the last information I needed (aside from a transcript request that I faxed later in the day), I finished it up and sent it off. Then I hopped on technical support to troubleshoot a problem I’ve been having with my laptop’s battery.

Simultaneously, I was planning what to do with my group in my game; it tend to be pretty heavy on the improvisation, because letting my players hang themselves with rope I generously provide (metaphorically speaking, of course) is way more fun than running them through deathtraps I come up with. Once I finished with tech support, I headed out. While out, I filled up on gas, refilled my car tires (they’d been showing as a bit low), got a haircut, sent the fax for my transcript request, and then headed to the grocery store. Normally, game night falls on a night when I work, so all I can provide int eh food department is chips and soda, but since I had the day off I wanted to do something cool for my players and do some cooking, something I don’t get to do often enough. So I had to pick up the ingredients for what I was planning: spinach artichoke dip, and spicy bean dip. Then, loaded up, I headed home.

All of this activity took me from about 9:30 AM to 3 PM or so, and the game time, normally at 7, had been moved up to 5:30, so I had to get started cooking as soon as I got home. I began to realize some of the shortcomings of my kitchen setup, but I persevered, and by just after 5, I had the spinach artichoke dip cooling and the bean dip just finishing, and so I put them both in the oven to keep them warmed up. People started arriving around 5:30, and so I brought out the food and kicked the night off. The last player rolled in around 6:30, with a surprise guest, her boyfriend (who runs a game of his own, but I think wanted to check out the game his girlfriend plays in), and we got started, much of the food having been consumed (sadly not by men, because of the aforementioned Nutrisystem diet, but I am told the dips were quite good, which is cool as they were both first tries for me).

Gaming can be pretty intense at times, and as the guy running the game, it falls to me to describe the areas the players are in, the people they speak with, the fights they get into, and I like to be (often comically) dramatic, so lots of gesticulating wildly and funny voices. It actually was probably a good hour or so before anybody even rolled dice, but nobody seemed to mind overly much. Things went pretty well after that, and we finished up a little after 10, when everybody said their goodbyes and headed out. I proceeded to clean up (nothing severe, just making sure the dip dishes were cleaned so they didn’t attract bugs and getting all the trash situated – my players are good folks, and they don’t leave much in the way of mess, aside from the ones their characters get into), and then, consuming my entirely-too-tiny Nutrisystem dinner, I finally got a chance to kick back and relax.

My day started at around 9:30 (unusually early for me on a day off), and went pretty much nonstop, and with quite a lot getting accomplished, until 10:30. I was tired at the end, and I felt pretty drained, but I also felt a sense of accomplishment, because ordinarily on a good day I’ll accomplish maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of that much. I wouldn’t want to try that kind of thing every day – for one, I just don’t have that much to do every day – but it was nice to get it all done, find myself up to the challenge, and pull everything off well. Especially considering Wednesday now falls right in the middle of my work schedule – I work Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, receiving, sorting, unpacking, arranging, and sometimes repacking big boxes of books for 8 hours at a time, which can wreak havoc on my back and leave me pretty trashed.

I’m currently trying to finish up a job application for a peer specialist position my therapist pointed me towards, and also planning another game (hopefully one run at a game store at a regular weekly time, because my current group, while awesome, can have some truly bizarre scheduling trouble, while trying to keep up on my reading – I just started Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, because I’d like to feel happier, especially on days when I know I should be feeling more upbeat and it just doesn’t happen. And I’m writing this just after finishing up my shift at work, and boy are my feet (and back) sore. So this week has been long, and busy, but also productive, and pretty good. I’m glad I can manage things like this, and now I just have to see, and hope, that I can do it more often.


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