Gratitude Challenge, Days 2 and 3

Man, one day in and I’m already behind. To be fair, though, I was pretty exhausted from work last night, and the tasty, tasty food a friend made for dinner contributed to my post-work laziness. But I figure I can catch up right now, so let’s do that!

First up, 6 things (3 for each day) I’m grateful for. First, the Houston Rodeo, which I’m going to visit tomorrow for the first time. Second, grilled cheese and tomato soup, which is what I had for dinner last night (made by a friend who is an awesome cook), and it was great. Third, my co-workers, without whom my days at work would be pretty dull; they’re a pretty good crew. Four, burritos. They are so much better in a place that borders Mexico. Five, dogs; I may not have one, but getting to meet one and spend some time with one always brightens my day. And six, the Star Wars RPG I am looking through (and considering – very early in the consideration phase – running a game for), because it’s very pretty, and looks like it would be fun to play.

Second and third – exercise and meditation. These have been the same for both days; I spend my days at work moving heavy boxes of books, which is plenty of exercise for me, and that leads me to meditation, which I do on my breaks to try to loosen up my muscles, because otherwise they really feel sore the next day. So far, both seem to be working out alright.

Fourth, well, as I noted above, a couple friends and I got together for dinner last night for homemade grilled cheese and tomato soup – one of my friends went to culinary school, and so he’s a great cook, but doesn’t choose to show off his talents often. After all, it is the greatest samurai who lets his sword rust in its scabbard, or something. It wasn’t fancy, but it was damn tasty, and we got to hang around and talk, which was nice, though bittersweet, as one of the people there will be leaving Houston for good in about a week. I’ll miss her, but I really value getting to spend time with her, and a homemade meal was a nice gesture by our chef friend to show that he cares about us. I’ve cooked for friends in the past, and I’ve found it very rewarding, so hopefully he found it much the same. My friend who is leaving brought her dog, too, so I got to play around with him, including wrapping him up in a blanket like a canine burrito. I would have taken pictures, but he’s not fond of being swaddled, so he escapes pretty quickly, but it looks very cute.

As for messages of gratitude, I did get a chance to send one out last night, and I’m working on the one for tonight in my head as I write this, so those should both be on time for the challenge – whether or not they are read quickly, I cannot say, but at least I feel better for having sent them.

Tomorrow might be pretty busy for me, with going to the rodeo and all, so if I don’t get a chance to post, look for another two-parter on Sunday. That’s all for now – hope my readers have a great weekend!


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