Gratitude Challenge, Days 4-6

Man, I didn’t mean to delay things this long, but time seems to have a way of getting away from me. I did say it was going to be a busy weekend, what with going to the rodeo and all, but hopefully this will be my longest delay. I foresee some trouble coming up with things to be grateful for in the coming few days, since a close friend will be leaving and that will probably knock me around emotionally, so suggestions are always welcome. But without further ado, Here are the last three days.

So, nine things to be grateful for. Well, I’ve recently reconnected with a friend who I thought I wouldn’t talk to for a while, so that’s high on my list. Second, the comedian Gabriel Iglesias, whose humor always cracks me up and he doesn’t even have to be foul-mouthed to do it. Third, Star Wars: Rebels, which I just got a chance to watch; it is awesome and only makes me more interested in Star Wars right now. Fourth, comfortably fluffy pillows. It’s getting a pillow that is just soft enough to let you conk out almost as soon as you lie down that is really nice. Fifth, the ability to instantly text, e-mail, or call virtually anyone; it’s so easy these days that I almost forget how painful it was keeping in touch with someone who wasn’t in the same area code as you back when I was in high school. Sixth, I am grateful preemptively for people not thinking about how old that makes me, I can do the math on my own. 🙂 Seven, my George Foreman grill; It may not be restaurant-quality, but it let me cook a damn tasty steak last week in all of about 12 minutes. Eight, hanging out with my friends, who just showed up and will delay my finishing this entry for a bit. And nine, the ability to be able to express myself like this, because otherwise I think I might go totally off my rocker.

As for the exercise/meditation portion of my days, I have to say that I’ve been kinda light on the exercise; I’ve done a bunch of walking around, but nothing more intensive than that, unless you count walking around in the rain on Saturday. As far as meditation goes, that’s starting to become my routine both right when I wake up in the morning and right as I go to bed;it seems to really help me wake up and get to sleep more restfully, so that’s a plus.

It’s not within 24 hours of now, but the rodeo on Saturday was certainly something I won’t forget for a while. I’d never been to one, and so I really had no idea what to expect; I assumed there would be horses and riders and lassos and such, but it was really just a vague thing. I wasn’t really prepared for the steer wrestling – I mean, who thinks that up? What kind of mind thinks “Hey, let’s jump off a horse onto a steer and wrestle it to the ground, fastest tackle wins!”? It sounds like some kind of crazy cowboy dare, but it’s cool to watch. And while I’d seen bareback bronco riding on TV before, it’s just much wilder in real life – as well as finding out why the broncos buck, which, as a guy, it makes me uncomfortable to even think about. I’d never even heard of barrel racing before, and yet I was rooting for the women riding their horses ’round those barrels as much as anyone. Well, maybe not my friend, but then it is her favorite event. It’s a little like hockey for me – I like to watch hockey in person, it’s great to watch if you can see the players in front of you, hear the hits – sometimes even feel them. But hockey on TV just feels like it’s not even real. I’d seen a rodeo event or two on TV before, but it just held no interest – but in person, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I’m glad my friend invited me, and gave me the chance to experience that, and helped me to understand what was going on; I know it’s important to her, and it wasn’t something I had any experience with, and it gave me some insight. I wonder if there’s a way I can do the same, but then the only really super-nerdy big gathering I can think of in the area is Comicpalooza, and that’s not for a couple months. And then we got a show from Brad Paisley, whose song ‘Alcohol’ I find pretty fun to listen to, and man can that guy work a crowd. My friend was singing along, and just totally engrossed, and it was cool to see her that into it. It was a pretty great time, and I’m glad I got the chance to do it. Plus, hey, now I can actually say “This ain’t my first rodeo” and mean it literally.

As for handing out messages of gratitude, I’m a little behind there, but I am working to catch up on those, and I should be able to keep up with everything. Sometimes its just hard to find the words to tell someone why you are grateful for and appreciative of them as a part of your life, even when you have the way with words that I do.


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