Gratitude Challenge, Days 7 & 8

I continue my trend of posting more than one day at a time, mostly because the last couple days have been very hectic; as I’ve noted before, a good friend of mine is about to leave Houston and move back to California, and I’ve been both trying to help her keep things under control and had her leaving weighing on my mind. Which, of course, makes this a perfect time to be working through this particular activity, because it can hopefully help me to see the brighter side of things. So, without further ado…

Two days means six things. First, let’s go with the ability to cook. I don’t cook a huge amount, and most of what I do cook isn’t all that fancy, but it is a good activity to distract me, and it lets me have more choice about what I eat than just eating pre-packaged food all the time. Second, energy drinks. I like caffeine, and I don’t like coffee, and so they are my best source for caffeine on a daily basis. Plus, I like how they taste, oddly. Third, good friends. The last few days have really hammered home how much I care about the people around me who are a part of my life, and while I’ll miss my friend when she leaves, I’ll also be happy knowing that she’ll be getting back to what she really wants to be doing. Fourth, Dragon Age; the new expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition came out yesterday, and while I’ve had almost no time to play with it, it’s nice to know it is there. Fifth, my back brace, because without it, I think I would have done some serious harm to my back yesterday; as it is it kinda aches, more than normal, but whatever caused it was likely lessened by the brace. Finally, socially progressive geeks; hearing about how Gen Con, the biggest RPG convention (possibly in the world) sent the governor of Indiana a letter saying they’d leave if he signed an offensively intolerant bill into law (which, of course, he did) just made me feel good about being a geek,

On the exercise front, yesterday at work I was doing my usual box-tossing gig, and today, with a sore back, all I really managed was walking, but I did manage to get my meditation in; it helps to relax my back on days like this, so that’s pretty nice.

As for a positive experience in the last 24 hours, well, how about this? My friend who is Cali-bound stopped by my place last night to hang out, but her tire blew out on the way, and so she crashed on my couch rather than have to deal with late-night towing services, and we watched Netflix, talked, and caffeinated. There was discussion of how things are going as regards to her leaving, but overall it seems like her anxiety is lessening, and I think she’ll be ready to go. Even basically having a tire shred itself, while taxing for her, didn’t dampen her spirits; she just asked me to follow her to the tire place today so she didn’t get stuck on the side of the road, and then we stopped afterwards for Starbuck’s, something we haven’t done in quite a while – not since she moved to an apartment closer to downtown Houston, really. While it was kind of an exhausting experience physically, it was refreshing mentally and emotionally, because there were no meltdowns, no freakouts, just a decision that needed to be made – which it was, and things went off pretty well. It might have been different had she snored out her on the couch, but nope, things went pretty smoothly. It wasn’t a huge, life-changing moment, and it wasn’t exactly going to an amusement park, but I think it was just a positive experience for both of us moving forward.

As to sending out messages of gratitude, I’ve been giving out a number of these in person, when I can manage it, because this week is really making me feel the need to tell the people closest to me (in Houston) how much I appreciate them and their part in my life. We’ll see how that goes.

And now, it’s late and I have work tomorrow, so I think I’ll bow out for now, but until next time!


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