Gratitude Challenge, Days 14-16

Yes, this is being posted Saturday morning. No, it wasn’t written then. No, it doesn’t count Saturday. With that out of the way, let’s get to it, shall we? These Gratitude things won’t write themselves.

Once again, taking the things I am grateful for 9 at a time. One, good book recommendations – someone I like on a forum I read recommended a book called Did God Kill Jesus?, by Tony Jones, and so far it’s been a pretty good read; a little out of my normal reading subject matter, but good to know. Two, nail clippers. After drawing blood while scratching my face too vigorously, these things really come in handy. I have no interest in being creepy-nail-guy. 3, mushrooms. They go in omelets. They go on pizza. They can be a good side dish, and some of them can serve as the tiny edible bowls for a spinach and cheese combo. How did I not like these things for so long? Four, mugs. I have discovered the easiest way ever to make an omelet, and it involved using a mug – and a friend tells me they can also be used as brownie-making receptacles. Modern society is great. Five, people who speak their minds. Sometimes what they say can be painful or blunt, but a lot of times it is stuff that needs to be said. Six, Candy Crush: Soda Saga. I hurt my back the other day, and when at home, it’s easy to play this on my tablet without having to move anything that causes too much pain. Also, it’s amusing, if not terribly complex. Seven, Easter. it’s great for both candy and for thinking about theological matters, and I keep finding things that make me look at previously-held religious beliefs in a whole new light. 8, Cadbury Eggs – the finest Easter candy known to man. And I will fight you in an Easter candy-eating contest to prove I’m right. And nine, heating pads. The one I have has really helped to alleviate at least some of the pain from my aforementioned back injury.

Because of said injury, my exercise has been limited to either my activity at work or the bare minimum I can manage at home without intense pain. So, not as much as I’d like, but it does give me some extra time to focus on meditation and mindfulness, though sometimes trying to do so through intense pain when I move the wrong way is an adventure in thinking.

As for a good, positive moment over the last couple days, how about one from work? I know I don’t say a lot about work, and that is often because I either don’t have much that would contribute anything or I don’t want to be overly specific and get myself in trouble. But the other day, just as I was about to leave for the day, I walked into the breakroom and into a conversation about strange (both good and bad) customers people had provided customer service to over the last few days. Now, since I work in the stockroom these days, I didn’t have much to contribute – all my customer stories are of the mind-meltingly angry variety, like the lady who questioned my knowledge of reading (despite my having two degrees in English, and most of a PhD) because I didn’t know about her favorite True Crime author. But it was fun to just joke around with co-workers and listen to the stories they had; some were frustrating, some were funny, and all of them are really just one of those things you won’t ever really understand unless you work a job in retail or customer service. I don’t know that I would have ever guessed that the staff at my local bookstore sits around talking about memorable customers like that, and it makes me especially aware of how I act in retail establishments these days, because I know how frustrating some customer things can be. But just being able to joke around with my fellow booksellers, even for a couple minutes, and even though I no longer spend much time on the sales floor, put a smile on my face as I left work.

As to messages of gratitude, I seem to be continually catching up here. If you’re reading this and it would really help you out to get one (and I know you, obviously), let me know, because odds are I am almost certainly grateful to you for something, but my mind is just on the fritz. I don’t mean to forget anyone, but I do tend to have a poor memory on these matters, so let me know!


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