Gratitude Challenge on Temporary Hiatus

I know I haven’t updated in the last few days – 5 or 6, really. But there’s been a lot of uncool stuff happening in my life lately – a friend moving away, even if it is for the best for her; another friend coming back into my life, only to suddenly turn around and walk right back out again; and a third friend feeling suicidal, and having to watch that and know how bad it is while also knowing there’s basically nothing I can do to help. I’m feeling angry, sad, afraid, hurt, and frustrated, all of which adds up to not really feeling up to finishing a challenge on gratitude right now – for the time being, I just can’t see out to gratitude, and while I know it will pass, or I hope it will, but it means I can’t finish off this round of the gratitude challenge yet. I’m not going to call it a failure, just a delay, and hopefully I can get back on track to finish or restart it relatively soon. Until then, I hope everyone else is alright.


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