It’s Been Awhile

Like the title implies, it’s been a bit since my last post here. Largely that has been because I’m pretty busy reading, doing class work, writing papers for class, cooking, going to my job at the bookstore, or relaxing watching The Walking Dead or playing some kind of video game (or planning an RPG campaign, which I’m still trying to drum up support for). It’s been a pretty busy time, but despite being busy, I don’t know that there’s really been a lot to keep folks up on.

If you were among the few people who found the stuff I was cooking interesting, then you should check out the primary source of my cooking inspiration, All Day I Dream About Food. It’s got a lot of recipes, for a lot of different meals, parts of meals, snacks, or otherwise, and they’re all relatively- to very-low carb. All the recipes I have tried have been very tasty, and with the exception of the cauliflower fritters, very successful. If you are like me and addicted (well, not literally, but figuratively) to pizza, here’s a recipe I’ve had some success with: Crustless Pizza, from the website MyFridgeFood. Very tasty, just make sure that, unlike me, you grease the pan before you cook.

As for classes, they are going pretty smoothly so far. I’m enrolled in two classes at the moment – Policy & Practice in Social Work Organizations (Social Work 534), and then Human Behavior and the Social Environment (Social Work 503). The former is focused on the big-picture, large-scale issues of social work – why is it needed, what communities need it the most, what big-picture, long-term changes can or should be made to try to improve the lives of those who need it, things like that. The latter is focused on figuring out what motivates people, how to look at a person’s entire situation – not just what they tell you, but also their family, their living arrangements, their social networks, etc. – and use that entire picture to try and determine how best to help them. These are both very introductory courses, so much of what we’re doing thus far is simply figuring out the basics of theories and history, but they’re both interesting courses thus far. I’ve had one paper due – called a Community Immersion paper, where we (the students) have to go into a nearby neighborhood, talk to people, do research, find out as much as we can, and then apply one of the theories we’ve learned about so far – and I did pretty well on that, so I’m feeling pretty good on that front.

I’m waiting to grab a couple books I’m interested in – Brene Brown, a social worker here at the University of Houston, just published another book, called Rising Strong, and I’ve liked all her previous books; one of them helped lead me towards social work, so I’m eager to see how the new one is. Another, in a few weeks, is called SuperBetter, by Jane McGonigal. I’ve written about her previous book, called Reality is Broken, before, way back in 2013 on July 26. It combines feeling better with video games, so what’s not to like?

Socially, things are a little weird – neither of the groups I have gamed with in the past around here have been able to meet recently, so I am trying to cobble together a new one, possible made up of people from each of the previous two, to sate my gaming urge. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t have a ridiculous amount of time to devote to it right now anyway, since I’m pretty busy with work, school, and generally keeping myself healthy.

That’s my update for now. We’ll see if there’s more to add later, and if so, I’ll do so. If not, then I’ll catch everyone with my next update, whenever that shall be!


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