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As I’ve noted before, I’m playing the game Superbetter, as well as reading the new book that came out a couple weeks ago. Since I’ve been reading that, I thought it would be helpful to try to share some of the quests, to show people what I’ve been talking and writing about. Thankfully for my lazy typing fingers, someone else beat me to it. Three of the quests from the book are listed in an article by CBS News, and since I’d rather not tangle with a major TV network, I think I’ll just post the link to the quests here:

Become more resilient with these “SuperBetter” quests

I’ve tried the first quest – Plus-One Better – and it’s been an interesting experience, trying to reconnect or forge stronger connections with people through something using the bare bones social mechanics of a Facebook game. But it intrigues me. As for the other two quests, I thought I’d try to post at least a bit of my own results here.

For “Collect Your First Five”, my list is this:

What song makes you feel powerful?

  1. Protectors of the Earth

What food makes you feel energized?

2. If it counts, energy drinks; they can help keep me up even when I’m feeling absolutely listless, and kick me into next gear on a good day.

Is there a mantra that makes you feel more motivated?

3. Dum spiro, spero (While I breathe, I hope); also, “Hige° sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen° lytlað.” (Mind shall be harder, heart the keener, spirit shall be the greater, as our strength grows less).

What reliably inspires you when you read it or watch it?

4. Either Captain America movie, especially this speech by Captain America in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Is there something small you like to do to help others?

5. Just ask my friends if there is something I can do to help, because my good friends know that I’d do anything to help them.

As for the list from the third quest, “Assemble Your Hero Dream Team”, I’ll put the heroes – and the top thing that I admire about them – here. This is only the three that are noted for this quest; my real list would be much longer, and geekier, and would likely be disturbingly hard to identify in toto for most people. So, here goes:

1: Captain America (duh); Captain America’s greatest virtue, to me, is that he has a very strong moral compass, and he’s willing to follow it; he sees the right thing to do, and he does it, even if it’s difficult, painful, or dangerous for him.

2. Commander Shepard (hero of the Mass Effect video games); while there were many ways you could play Commander Shepard, the way I played him, he was an inspirational leader; he could unite people from all walks of life, from alien cultures and bizarre mindsets, who were almost total polar opposites, and bring them together as a cohesive force for good.

3.Miranda Zero (of the sadly short-lived Global Frequency comic); she took initiative when nobody else would and created an independent organization made up of unusual experts in order to help save the world; she pro-actively went out looking to do good, without trying to take over – she saw something that needed to be done, and she went out and did it.

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  1. Kary leught says:

    Dude I’m lost my the hold article . I’ll have to her the cliff notrs🎈

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