What Your Tastes Say About You

I was finishing up a paper for my Human Behaviors class yesterday, and while I was on a break between sections, I stumbled across this article: ‘Your 10 favorite movies may just say something about the real you‘. It seemed like an interesting idea, but after reading it, I thought about it for a minute before getting back to my paper. But now I’m wondering – can things like your favorite movies, or music, or books, tell you, or other people, something about you that isn’t generally obvious?

In thinking about this, I was considering the movies I consider my top ten, and for convenience’s sake, I’ll share that list here; I’m cheating a bit because I condense a couple trilogies into a single place on the list, but it’s my blog and I can do that if I want, right? In no particular order, my top ten movies are:

The Crow

Lord of the Rings trilogy

Star Wars original trilogy

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Princess Bride

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Avengers


The Usual Suspects

The Dark Knight

This list has actually had several changes over the past couple of years.  28 Days Later, The Prestige, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves have dropped off the list, replaced by Captain America, The Avengers, and Mad Max. Not to say that I don’t still love all three of those movies – yes, even the Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie, I’m not ashamed to like it – but the three that have moved up have just grabbed me in a way I find much more satisfying to watch; I try to watch each of these movies at least once a year, if not more, and if I happen upon the movie playing, I’ll almost always sit down and watch one of these ten.

If I were to take a stab at what these movies say about me, I think I’d probably notice a few things. First, a number of these movies are very dark in tone; this fits, because in general I’m a pretty cynical person. Second, only one of these movies could conceivably be set in the ‘real’ world, that being The Usual Suspects – I am a big fantasy, science fiction, and comics fan, so that’s not terribly surprising. And despite being dark, a lot of these movies turn out rather well, or at least have a lot of hope attached to them. Eric Draven gets his revenge, and is welcomed back to the afterlife by his love. Frodo destroys the ring. Luke defeats the Emperor and helps redeem his father. Captain America saves, and is saved by, his childhood friend. Wesley and Buttercup get together. Furiosa takes over from Immortan Joe. The Avengers stop Loki. Bruce Willis stops his Samuel L. Jackson supervillain. Only the last two don’t end on hopeful notes.

So, what do these movies say about me? That I have a healthy imagination, and I feel more comfortable in unreal worlds than in the real one? That I’m generally cynical, but largely because I have a lot of hope and yet keep seeing it dashed?  I’m not sure, but these answers sound plausible. But I’m curious – what do other people think these movies say about me, if anything? And what do your favorite movies, or music, or books, say about you? I’m curious to find out, so please share your thoughts.



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