Canine Design

The last few days haven’t been terribly active, aside from a birthday dinner at Benihana last night. But there’s been something on my mind for a little while. I have a friend who has a Shih Tzu dog down here, and he’s fun to hang around with. It reminds me of when I had a dog. I know that I can’t have a big dog like a Newfoundland down here in Texas; not only do I live in an apartment that would be too small for a dog like that, but all that fur would make a dog like that terribly uncomfortable in the heat. But I really miss having a dog around; that constant companionship and affection is something that I always found really comforting.

So I’ve been thinking about getting a dog down here. I know it would have to be something relatively small, and probably pretty short-haired; one of the breeds that has come up most often has been a pug, because they’re relatively sedate, friendly, and just fun to be around. The thing that seems really big, though, is whether to try to get a dog from a breeder or getting a rescue dog. A rescue dog is appealing to me because I know there are so many dogs that need homes, but at the same time I don’t know what kind of dog I’d be getting; I want to get a dog I can train and that won’t have any crazed responses to random events. So a new puppy would be the best for those things. At the same time, a new puppy is also going to take a lot more time initially, to potty train and keep from barking at everything and just generally get used to living here – as well as being far more expensive.

But having a dog around is something I really miss; my last Newfoundland, Merlin, was my closest friend for a number of years, and even though I was almost inconsolable when he died, I think I’ve gotten over his loss, and I’d like to feel that kind of companionship again. While I don’t mind cats, they’ve just never struck me as the kind of affectionate and loyal companions as dogs. Having a dog to scratch, and sit beside me, has always been a comforting presence. And I know that dogs are one of the animals that have become useful for mental health therapy, like the dogs from Heeling Allies. I don’t know that I really need a dog for therapeutic purposes, but a dog like that would certainly be helpful, especially since I have friends who have issues and such a dog might also be helpful for them.

Sadly, though, I work at a minimum-wage job, and right now don’t have much in the way of funding for something like a dog, so I don’t know if the dog idea is something that will be happening anytime soon. But it is something that has been on my mind recently, and having a dog has been important to me in the past. So, that’s what’s going on in my head right now.


Final Gratitude IX

Today was a relatively slow day, but I will try to give out the full rundown here. My previous entry still has some questions I’d like answered, but I’ll have to hope someone will help out.

I am grateful for dogs; one of my friends has a pretty cool Shih Tzu, and I am considering getting a dog once I find a job for myself and I can support both myself and a dog. I just remember how much I liked having a dog, even though it could be a lot of work, and I liked having that companionship. I am also grateful for candy, because sometimes I just like that sugar rush. Not too often, but it really hits the spot sometimes. Finally, I am grateful for freshly done laundry. I really love the feel of clothes right out of the dryer.

Earlier today, I got to go out for coffee with a good friend of mine and the aforementioned Shih Tzu. He’s kind of a rascal, always trying to climb into her lap while she’s driving, but he’s fun to have around; he’s always doing something amusing. He got a venti ice water while we sat and drank our coffee drinks, and we talked about a lot of things in our lives, sitting outside in the sun and just kind of relaxing.  Just having the dog there was kind of soothing, and it was good to talk so openly about what was going on in our lives.

For exercise, today I did a little of the Convict Conditioning workout, but mostly my exercise came in the form of cleaning my entire apartment. It doesn’t seem like a lot of work, but looks can be deceiving; by the time I was done, I felt like i needed to take a whole ‘nother shower. Meditation came pretty easily, but I did it later today than I normally do, trying to keep relaxed.

I got the chance to tell a friend in person how grateful I was for their presence in my life earlier, and it was a little awkward, but still went pretty well, I thought.

And that’s it for another episode of gratitude. Tune in tomorrow for yet another exciting show!